About Our Club


We are devoted to creating a collaborative pre-professional community that can share wonderful and informative experiences.


We engage in a variety of activities, such as professional developement events, technical workshops, and company tours to give students a taste of the real-world.


We aim to be supportive of each other's passions and spirit to constantly improve. We, as MBC, want to give our members opportunities to succeed.

Building a

We want to help build a better future for our members and becoming a member of one of our committees where we encourage mobility is the first step.

There are six committees
within MBC

Event Planning

Lead planning of networking events,
workshops and panels


Creatively compose marketing
materials for each event

Content Creation

Publish and edit original articles
onto the MBC website

Web Development

Develop and maintain the official
website of the MBC

Finance & Accounting

Plan the budget and conduct stock
pitches and analyses

Data Analytics

Analyze club data to increase
marketing and event planning efficieny